The Wormhotel in Amsterdam

The Wormhotel is an ‘urban streetcorner worm composter’: a large, custom build worm bin, located on the sidewalk. It’s a community initiative in the famous ‘Pijp-neighbourhood’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Neighbours were asked to separate and collect their fruit and vegetable waste and dispose of it in the Wormhotel. The worms will eat this waste and convert it into very healthy vermicompost. The neighbours will use this in their gardens or spread it in the tree pits.

This project is sponsored by the Amsterdam council and all participants received a free green plastic bin for collecting their green waste and a key to open the lid. At the moment a group of around 20 participants are using this composter. It has been in service (quite problemfree) since march 2015 and several loads of healthy vermicompost have been harvested already. The concept is now slowly spreading in Amsterdam. This video is Dutch spoken with English subtitles.

The Dutch Facebook page for this project:

These wormhotels are build by Le Compostier: ( )

Text: Myrdinn Baars, Rowin Snijder

Videoproduction: Styn Swinkels ( )

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